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Cranberry Township Real Estate

Cranberry Township WaterPark, PA 16066

Cranberry Township WaterPark, PA 16066 Located in the southwestern corner of Butler County, Pennsylvania, the beautiful community known as Cranberry Township drew its name from the cranberries that were found growing wild in the area. Since its incorporation in 1804, Cranberry Township has grown to a population of approximately 28,000 residents.

The real estate of Cranberry Township is closely related to the varied economic base of the area. From industrial to commercial, the community offers employment in a number of sectors. The Township actively welcomes new businesses, with the Cranberry Township Board of Supervisors offering potential business leaders guidance and direction for bringing their jobs and stability to the area. Economic development is a focus, which is seen through the fact that the population has more than doubled in less than two decades.

The median household income for Cranberry Township was about $72,600 in 2006, and the largest employers include manufacturing companies, health services, and a customer service center. Among these employers, Westinghouse will be opening a facility that is expected to offer employment for up to 3,000 new Westinghouse workers.

Historic Cranberry Township

Cranberry Township WaterPark, PA 16066

Cranberry Township Community Park, Cranberry Township, PA 16066 The land that now makes up Cranberry Township was originally home to Native Americans who hunted and fished in the beautiful area around Brush Creek. Locals still enjoy finding artifacts like arrowheads and tools that stretch back to this time in the county’s history. Located at the junction of old Perry Highway and old Mars-Criders road, the Cranberry Township was originally known as Criders Corners. The township itself is located about 30 minutes from Pittsburgh and was home to both Native American camps and the farmers who came to settle the area. It was officially founded in 1804, and Criders Corners became the business district for many years.

Family Life in Cranberry Township

Cranberry Township WaterPark, PA 16066

Dick's Sporting Goods Sportsplex at Graham Park, Cranberry Township, PA 16066 Those looking for real estate in Cranberry Township are impressed by the family-centered activities that the area has to offer. The Seneca Valley School District serves the area, and it includes four elementary schools, three middle schools, an intermediate high school, and a senior high school. There are also a number of state-accredited preschools and daycare centers available in Cranberry Township. The Cranberry Public Library even has its own children’s wing.

The value of Cranberry Township real estate is improved by the comprehensive parks and recreation department. With multiple parks, a municipal center, and a skatepark, there are a number of recreational opportunities in the area. In addition, the township boasts a 186-acre, par-70 golf course that is open year-round. This is all enhanced by civic activities, including the annual Cranberry Festival.

Housing and Other Cranberry Township Real Estate Information

Cranberry Township WaterPark, PA 16066

Cranberry Township Skatepark, Cranberry Township, PA 16066 Cranberry Township experienced remarkable growth in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. The result has been a very active residential construction market. Likewise, commercial construction also experienced a significant boom during this period. Statistics from 2005 show that the median home price was about $216,000 and that 79% of residents were homeowners. In Cranberry Township, real estate is an important part of the overall lifestyle and attitude.

The real estate of Cranberry Township is enhanced by the Department of Community Development. This local department strives to facilitate continued sustainability for property owners in the area. This is done through community involvement, land-use regulations, and programs that improve the environment, as well as the quality of life for those who have purchased Cranberry Township real estate.

Cranberry Township WaterPark, PA 16066

North Boundary Park, Cranberry Township, PA 16066 The growth that has been experienced in the last few decades is expected to continue, and will likely expand further. A new, large employer is slated to move into the community, and large “lifestyle” complex has been slated for construction at I-79 and Rt. 228. Other additions to the Cranberry Township real estate market include new high-rise office buildings, as well.

While Cranberry Township has a very rich history, they continue to look toward the future. New business is being drawn to the area, and the real estate of Cranberry Township remains a valuable investment. The township’s size allows for a comfortable “home town” feeling, while its proximity to Pittsburgh allows for all the benefits of big-city life. Cranberry Township truly offers the best of both worlds.